Decking options for your Clarksville outdoor living space

A classic wooden deck adjacent to your house serves an innumerable amount of purposes, no doubt about it. However, a pool deck offers a more practical and functional area around your swimming pool.
It’s true that a simple deck surrounding your pool merely covers the water.

Nevertheless, you can personalize it according to your preferences. For example, you can easily transform it into a seating area, integrate entertaining elements, and spend quality time with your loved ones. This can only be accomplished if you opt for a suitable pool deck installation. The more appropriate and fitting your pool deck is, the more advantageous and valuable it can become.

Here at Titan Deck Solutions, we take pride in delivering top-notch pool decking services that can bring your dream pool to life. We not only use the highest quality products available in the market, but we also enhance and embellish your pool area with our exceptional craftsmanship and skills. No matter what design or pattern is taking shape in your mind, we strive to realize the best possible outcome to complement your property. Thousands of our satisfied customers have utilized our pool decking services, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results too.

What is pool decking?

Modern pools are now equipped with various additional features, such as sophisticated lighting systems, tanning shelves, mesmerizing waterfalls, and even hidden grottos, that altogether enhance its beauty and make it a true oasis. If you aspire to install this truly extraordinary oasis, then proper pool decking is an essential component that truly elevates its appeal and ambiance.

Pool decking, also commonly referred to as a pool patio, is essentially a surrounding area that encompasses the pool. This area serves as the perfect spot to place your tables, chairs, and other outdoor furniture. Make sure you don’t miss out on this crucial aspect when installing your own dream pool.

Pool coping

What’s the difference between pool decking and pool coping? It’s common for people to confuse pool decking with coping, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, there’s a subtle yet important difference between the two. Pool coping refers to the cap or edging that surrounds the pool edge, while the pool deck is the area between the pool and the deck, typically made of concrete or stone, though you can choose any material of your preference.

Usually, the coping material is distinct from the deck material. Nevertheless, experts in pool design and installation manage to implement innovative and modern pool designs that offer a seamless and harmonious outlook, where the pool coping and decking complement each other perfectly.

Types of pool decking

Choosing the right deck material doesn’t depend solely on personal preference. Different materials can significantly impact both the look and feel of your pool area, and tie into your overall pool experience. For instance, it’s crucial to choose a deck material that is non-slippery and heat-reflective to ensure your safety and comfort. Additionally, selecting a non-bumpy deck material that provides a smooth and level surface is another critical factor to consider. Our deck designers can help guide you in your decision making process as needed. Here are a few common recommendations:


Tiles are notorious for embodying a luxurious and sleek aura. These remarkable pieces are remarkably easy to maintain, as a mere gentle wipe is enough to restore their immaculate condition.

However, as you scour through the wide array of tiles available in the market, it is crucial to exercise caution and ensure that you make an informed decision. For instance, while glazed tiles may undoubtedly appear visually striking, they can be incredibly slippery when wet, thus posing a safety hazard for your pool. Opting for unglazed tiles may be right for you. These tiles not only provide an exceptional aesthetic value but also boast an anti-slip feature that makes them an ideal option for your pool decking.


Although concrete decks are prone to cracking over time, they remain a popular choice for those seeking an affordable and durable deck material. You also have a variety of options to choose from, including upgrades and finishes that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your pool area. These options include:

Stamped concrete: The concrete is poured into slabs and imprinted with large stamps to create a range of patterns. Once stamped, colors can be added to the concrete to produce different patterns, providing a unique and customizable look.

Textured concrete: The concrete is poured into small sections and incised using a saw or hand. This process creates a unique and textured surface that can add depth and design to your pool area. Textures can resemble natural stone, brick, and even wood.

Brushed concrete: The simplest and most straightforward solution. The concrete is poured and then leveled with a broom, creating a non-slippery texture. However, the surface can feel rough to the touch, which may not be ideal for those seeking a smoother surface.

If plain concrete feels too dull for your taste, you can always upgrade it put a unique touch with color. By adding color to the concrete before it dries, you can create a custom look that fits your style and preferences.


Pavers are concrete or claystone bricks placed in an interlocking pattern. They come in lots of different shapes, colors, and patterns. Pavers don’t crack as easily as concrete due to the curing process during construction. You can easily replace a wearing or old paver which makes them one of the best materials to use for pool decking.


When it comes to decking materials, wood is often at the top of the list for homeowners. This cost-effective choice provides a simple installation process, while also adding a visually appealing touch to any outdoor space. From teak to pine, cedar to mahogany, the options are abundant, with a myriad of patterns and shades to peruse.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that wood needs appropriate maintenance to sustain its pristine condition. Sealing and staining the wood is extremely important in preventing any potential damage and color loss. But do not be discouraged! Several sturdy wood materials are available that require less maintenance. Cedar and pine are two exceptional low-maintenance choices that still convey the same stunning appearance and texture.

Composite decking

When it comes to decking options that are both sustainable and modern, the choice is clear: composite decking reigns supreme. Not only is it made from recycled materials, but it also boasts impressive durability that puts many other decking materials to shame. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, making it a top choice for those who are always on the go and want to maximize their time spent enjoying their outdoor space.

Its robust construction means that it can hold its own against harsh winds, rains, and other environmental factors that can quickly cause wear and tear. Composite decking also offers a wide array of colors and textures – from natural wood to sleek modern designs, there’s a composite decking option for every taste and style preference.

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Constructing your dream deck should be a pleasant experience. Our team of professionals are always ready to assist you, from the planning phase to the execution stage, ensuring that your vision comes to life while meeting your specific requirements.

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Constructing your dream deck should be a pleasant experience. Our team of professionals are always ready to assist you, from the planning phase to the execution stage, ensuring that your vision comes to life while meeting your specific requirements.

Wraparound Deck

This type of deck encompasses your property from every conceivable angle, thereby offering you a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. But here’s the thing: some wraparound decks may only extend from two sides of your house, giving you an L-shaped structure.

The beauty of a wraparound deck lies in its versatility. Rather than accessing your deck from just one side of your house, you can enter it from multiple doors within your home – the hallway, the bedroom, or even the kitchen. This makes it the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and enjoy nature, no matter where you are in your home.

Our experts take immense pride in offering superior-quality wraparound deck services. Whether you’re looking to create an entire deck around your property or simply want to add one to two sides of your home, our team is committed to providing you with honest advice that caters to your unique needs.

Benefits of a wraparound deck

A wraparound deck can serve many purposes and add great value to your home. Let’s take a look at some benefits:


One of the best features of a wraparound deck is it’s comfortability. You can relax in the shade and view your property from many different angles, all from the comfort right outside of your home. Adding some rocking chairs and a few lights to add to the ambience, and those Summertime sunsets just got even better. Clarksville’s temperatures can get pretty high in the peak of Summer, but with a wraparound deck you can enjoy nature comfortably.


The customization options of a wraparound deck are endless. With a bit of creativity, and help from our experts, you might find yourself spending more time on your deck than inside. Whether you want to create a BBQ area, lounging spot, or reading/ writing nook- the ideas are limitless. With just a few customizations to lighting and seating, your deck will feel unique to your liking. 


The convenience of a wraparound deck is nearly unmatched. It all depends on what you plan on using it for. Our deck designers can go into detail on the upgrades you may be interested in, such as ceiling fans, exterior outlets, lighting, seating, and much more.

Wraparound deck placement

When designing a wraparound deck, it’s important to prioritize it’s placement for a few reasons. You don’t want anything to hinder the deck’s construction or long-term maintenance. Our experts will develop a specialized plan for you that takes into consideration rainwater runoff, terrain displacement, and anything else that may become an issue for your deck. 

Tips to enhance your deck

Your deck can be customized and enhanced to your liking in amazing ways. If you have any ideas, make sure to let us know and we’ll try our best to make your dreams come true. Here a few tips we recommend: 


If you prioritize getting your daily vitamin-D, suntanning, or just enjoy sitting out in the sun then you have to consider sunlight with your deck. Proper placement of your deck is crucial to maximize sun exposure. Whether it’s sunrise, sunset, or mid-day; it’s important to look at each aspect in the development phase. 


With any deck build, actually getting onto the deck is a critical measure to discuss. It mostly comes down to what your plan is for the deck, and you can easily decide where you’ll need it placed. If you’re looking to host family dinners and BBQ’s then you’ll likely want to put it near your kitchen or dining room. If your deck is more for entertainment and leisure then you’ll likely want to place it near your living room for easy access. 


Privacy is very important for a lot of people, which is why we always think about it when designing decks. If you want your deck to be a private escape into nature, then you may opt to install privacy screens and place it in a location where there less likely to be prying eyes. We always like to extend proper communication when designing and building your deck to make sure it’s perfect for you. 


Here at Titan Deck Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating unique and breathtaking decks. Everyone has great ideas and thoughts for how they want their backyard to look, and we’re here to make those dreams come true. If you value entertainment, than a deck is exactly what you’re looking for. A well-built deck can provide the perfect place for get togethers, family dinners, parties, and private retreats. Whether it’s a hot-tub, flat-screen T.V., grill, or romantic seating options; we’ll make sure your deck can provide entertainment for you and your family for years to come. 

To learn more about railing and privacy options for your custom deck build, check out our page here:

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Constructing your dream deck should be a pleasant experience. Our team of professionals are always ready to assist you, from the planning phase to the execution stage, ensuring that your vision comes to life while meeting your specific requirements.

We Serve the Greater Clarksville Area